The Brother Stair Files

    The unfolding sex scandal involving Brother R. G. Stair and the wives and daughters of his Overcomer Ministry followers rocked the Christian Shortwave medium throughout most of 2002 and, as this drama continues to play itself out through 2003, listeners will want to stay abreast of the latest developments.  

    Troubed Times has reported extensively on this situation, and the links listed here represent the articles, editorials, and letters that have appeared in our space during the past year.  We have also provided links to the extensive reporting done locally in South Carolina by the Colleton County Press and Standard, courtesy of the Net Team website.

    As Brother Stair's dirty linen gets a public airing in the court system, the repercussions for Christian Broadcasting will become apparent and many questions will be posed.  If the litigation and civil suits that will be forthcoming succeed in establishing liability beyond the Overcomer Ministry and within the radio medium itself, the resulting reregulation of the industry could result in a shortwave medium as "religiously correct" as Christian FM Broadcasting is. Add this page to your bookmarks and we'll keep you up to date on all things Brother Stair.   

From Troubled Times

R.G. Stair Sex Scandal Rocks Christian Radio

"Last Day Prophet" accused of gross sexual misconduct.

Philip D. Ropp's Letter to Brother Stair

Brother Stair called upon to explain himself..

Philip D. Ropp's Letter to WWCR

WWCR management confronted with Stair accusations.

Fallen From Grace

An editorial by Philip D. Ropp.

Vengeance is Mine Sayeth the Lord

A warning to those that would prosecute for their own gain..

In the Absence of Rights, Count your Blessings

Timely advice to the victims of Brother Stair.

The Two Edged Sword

WWCR and the responsibility of Christian Broadcasters.

From the Colleton County, SC Press and Standard

Press and Standard Newspapers

The Net Team

The latest news and developments concerning R.G. Stair..

The Michael Rowland Radio Broadcast

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